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Re: Daytime Running Lights(Cdn)

>> Just wait till they save your life six times from bad drivers trying
>> to pass on highways with rolling hills. I spent four years at 140k/kms
>> on the road with no running lights and seven years at 160k/kms with
>> running lights. Our head-on avoidance moves were almost eliminated.

>> annoying - good !! That's the whole idea,eh ?

>What I don't understand is this: are you trying to say that you will not 
>be able to see a car on a clear day without its headlights on in time to 
>stop?? You shouldn't be driving then.

Actually, you're not far from the truth. I think I recently came by a
survey that said 2 out of 5 people driving on the road cannot see around
clearly (i.e. they see in levels that would not pass the license exam,
it the state requires it...).

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