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QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:

> This must be a test, Eric, I would venture that ANY covetted card carrying
> S.O.C. member, whom I would presume works with the lighting (SOL's?) boys for
> a living, could explain that as easily as I......  The right/left euro light
> is an OLD trick for "better" light, "given" the Euro part....  You are
> "ThereDT" with euros, so I would tend to disagree with the term "superior."
>  A Z-beam is a superior pattern, actually so is the XL, it being a dedicated
> lowbeam and all, you shouldn't throw those away Eric, take the 100w out of
> them and mount them above the bumper.....  The whole idea of lighting, as I'm
> sure you know, is to create the best light with the least amount of "hot
> spots" or "hollows" (which is when you add wattage to the point that you
> create bright light in areas you may want at the expense of low light other
> places - I'm sure there is SOL terminology for this)....  Euros, by design,
> create these hollows, as you add lumens to the low beams.....   You can put a
> 100w bulb in a 55w driving light, that's lumens (and hot spot), or, you can
> add 55w pencil beam (same physical light, different pattern), that's
> reflector/lense, not wattage, and correct, and "better," and by definition,
> less lumens....   Euros are better than US, but hardly superior, 'cept as
> some of you keep reminding me, in the vanity department, no disagreement
> there....  I accept the logic of that compromise.....
Just a point here Scott, and by the way this is totally subjective 
opinion (as I believe yours is).  My V8 has the best light pattern I 
have ever seen on an Audi.  My Mercedes E320 has the best lights that I 
have seen outside of Xenon technology.  Eric's Euros had  a better 
pattern (trust me, much more light where you want it) than either of my 
cars.  Just so you don't think I know nothing of 5K's my fathers 87 5Ktq 
has the worst headlights that I have ever seen!

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri