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In a message dated 97-01-11 08:49:26 EST, you write:

<< Just a point here Scott, and by the way this is totally subjective 
 opinion (as I believe yours is).  My V8 has the best light pattern I 
 have ever seen on an Audi.  My Mercedes E320 has the best lights that I 
 have seen outside of Xenon technology.  Eric's Euros had  a better 
 pattern (trust me, much more light where you want it) than either of my 
 cars.  Just so you don't think I know nothing of 5K's my fathers 87 5Ktq 
 has the worst headlights that I have ever seen!
 HTH >>
....  And if you have read my voluminous posts on lights over the past couple
months, you will find nowhere a disagreement that the stock US lites suck....
 I question euros as the BEST when, euros, as a beam pattern, are a
compromise to the BEST lights available....  Just as much as a driving isn't
a fog, or a driving isn't a pencil, a euro isn't a fog.....  I won't discount
the testimonial that the above are the best lights you've seen, just that
there are better....  Believe me, I've had euros on a few cars, and compared
to a z-beam, they are a compromise....  A good compromise, sure, but light
pattern is "cellular science", and the euros compromise that somewhat....  NO
DOUBT exponentially better than the US lites tho....  The folks that race at
nite for a living are available to educate on lights.....  I don't claim to
be any expert, forgive me if I'm leading you in that direction.  I did used
to race at night, IN ALL conditions, and I assure you my quest for proper
lighting defied what most would consider logical, as well as, my
checkbook....  I've put euros in cars, swapped the UK/EC right left euros,
and ended up with the z-beams.......  Design and education are the answer,
euros are the easy answer.....  I just argue that there is better, btdt, and
Hella and Cibie can send you specs that give you beam pattern for every
light,  compare the zbeam with the euros, they do....

Think about phil's statement....  Most EC countries mandate that fogs on,
means lows off, as the law.....  Here, in the US, most states mandate that
fogs on, means lows on, as the law....  So in fog, euros by US law, as well
as lense design, are a compromise....  

still feeling a dim hope that everyone can be happy and bright....