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AoA response.

At 06:38 PM 1/10/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>Monica, the lady on the other end of the phone, called the head of 
>>Product Planning (tried to get his/her name so we could mail him/her 
>>tons of "Bring a Coupe to the US" letters, no luck.  She said Germany 
>>makes that decision.  Stingy basta$@*) and she said that there will 
>>not be an armrest in the 1.8s from the factory this year.  But she 
>>said that a swap should be straight forward. She got back to me within 
>>24 hours.  Maybe Audi is getting better.  Or by the sound of your 
>>response, maybe not.
>This is certainly not standing up for AoA, since I have called them a 
>number of times and have experienced similar helpful customer service 
>reps only a fraction of the time.  

She was waiting on the response from the Product Planning person.  When I
first called, she called him, and he wasn't there.  I was pleased with the
overall experience.  I felt she was knowledgable and prompt.

Bryan Bowen
Junior, Elon College (North Carolina)
International Business and Spanish Double Major

Currently without a car
(Looking for a Coupe Quattro or enough money to get an A4 1.8TQ)