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Re: Selling 101.edu

In a message dated 97-01-11 12:44:49 EST, you write:

<< I just remembered another interesting point that Ned mentioned to me
 when I talked him about one mounth ago about chip mods (see my
 previous comments to list). He said that he has been doing his mod on
 some TAP chips that people have purchased and not been happy with!!!
 Said he had done 2 the week I talked to him!!!  I then commented that
 going this route could be expensive and he agreed that they weren't
 real happy about paying out that much money. He did not give me any
 specifics as to what the car models were but it sounded like he was
 charging his full price on top of what they had already spent.  Maybe
 someone on the list can give him a call and get some specifics
 although I think he is out of the country for a couple of weeks. 
And I have heard that as well, a couple a years ago....  That, bottom line is
good selling, and I know good selling and marketing, it's what I do for a
living....   Maybe Ivor is at fault for not clipping the boost/timing as
conservatively as TAP or SC, but I assure you, the differences are not in
execution, only in limits of parameters....  What you have shown is that you
can expect to get penalized for not completing your homework....  Plenty here
have, including me, post purchase....  I will not kid you, I have 2 IA boxes
myself, and am just as guilty, mostly happy....  I will no longer flame Ned,
TAP, or SC for the execution of the mod, cuz to me, either they all get it or
none....  I'll choose the latter....   At the time I jumped, Ned had the best
bang for the bux (3 years ago now, first EC article, I had mine within a
month)...  As always, I continue for the next step, in that, it takes
understanding, correction, and redirection of efforts....  In the
understanding part, I found the three tweekateers to be pretty much in the
same canoe....