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Re: Lights / Lumens

>My exact point is that euro conversions, though impressive as they are, are
still a compromise to proper

With this in mind, I've always found it interesting to read in european
magazines about how "bad" Audi lights generally are ... I can only imagine
what they'd be writing if they were testing a US-spec version!  But this
tells me that somehow, somewhere, these writers must have experienced a
lighting setup that's better still so Scott's point about the supposed
"superiority" of an OEM euro-Audi setup would certainly seem to be valid.

I know that I, for one, am cleaning out the attic to find the Cibie Z-beam
quad lights that I removed from my parent's '76 Olds 98 before they junked
it in '85 ... the car was a pig but those were AWESOME lights and I'm
planning on installing them on my '85 Ur-Q for the time being.  Yes, the
euros certainly will look better but $500+ will buy me a set of BFG Comp T/A
R1s and I know how much I'll have fun wearing those out...
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