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Re: Stongard on paint (min. Audi content)

I am getting confuse. Is this a spray on stuff or is this a film that 
get glue on to the hood? What happen when you wax it?

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA. 
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On 11 Jan 1997 jafo@tummy.com wrote:

> Date: 11 Jan 1997 21:10:57 -0000
> From: jafo@tummy.com
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> Subject: Re: Stongard on paint (min. Audi content)
> I've got this stuff back at home that I'm going to be applying to the A4
> when it gets a bit warmer...  I got it at a local auto paint place -- it's
> clear and I forget what it's called...  You've all probably seen an
> ancestor of it's though.  On many cars, the very lower painted surfaces
> are usually kind of "rippled".  It's a ruberized backing they spray on
> before doing the painting.  Used to be that it was only available in 
> black...
> The theory (and in my experience it's true) is that the rubber adds
> padding so that the paint flexes instead of being scraped off.
> However, they now have it available in clear.  I got this big can
> of the stuff for $20.  I put it on my Subaru and left it there for
> about 2 years before I sold it.  I would doubt there is ANY way
> to get it off.  Total coverage for it was about 3" along the front
> of the hood.
> >From a distance it was invisible, but up closer it was obvious.  I had
> problems on the Subaru (brown metalic) with wax buildup at the line
> where the coating was.
> My girlfriend at the time I applied it to my car had a brand new VW, and
> I offered to do it for her (she had some chips already -- it was about
> a year old).  She was rabid about me not doing it.  After I applied it
> to the Subaru, and pointed out the chips in her hood, she let me apply
> it to hers.  We sold the car about a year later.
> It's worked VERY well so far, but no REALLY long term testing.  The VW
> was silver, and probably wouldn't have been noticable if it faded.
> Enjoy,
> Sean
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