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Re: newcomer

> My Brother Eric has already told you about my 87 Audi Coupe.
> I just wanted to say Hi and ask if anyone else with a coupe can tell
> me of there are any cool upgrades I can do to my car (mechanical or
> cosmetic).

Well, it's not a car you can expect major gains from.  *But*, it is ten
years old and can easily be out of tune.  You should work on getting
it back to at least its original operating condition; they're durable,
and its original condition was very nice.  "The best sports coupe in
America", said Car and Driver.

So I'd start by getting it all running right.  I've replaced the air
filter (Mahle), cap and rotor (Bosch), wire set (Blue Ignitors), and plugs
(W7DTC); checked everything for vacuum leaks; cleaned all the grounds;
sprayed most of the connectors with contact cleaner; cleaned the ISV;
filled engine and transmission with good synthetic oils (Mobil and
Redline respectively); replaced the fuel filter and run some Techron
through; and had the mixture adjusted.  I didn't do all this at once,
but I could have, and if I were to buy a new Coupe tomorrow I would.

I posted a long article a few weeks ago about what I learned from
rebuilding the suspension.  It made a very large difference.  I would
also recommend changing the bushings if that hasn't been done recently.

Timing belt -- needs to be done every 60k.  I was putting this off for a
while but finally decided I could do it myself.  And I did.  Change the
water pump at the same time.  This is a reliability issue.

Buy good tires.  I have both a set of D60s and a set of Hakka 10s.
The D60s are pretty good wet or dry and the Hakkas are major overkill,
but there is no substitute for snow tires.  If I were inclined to
spend several hundred dollars on the Coupe it would be on 15" wheels
and SP8000s, which would be a cosmetic *and* performance upgrade; as my
driving skill improves those flexy sidewalls are starting to bother me.
Too expensive, though.

The best cosmetic upgrade you can make is an all-out detailing job --
pull the seats, borrow or rent a carpet steam cleaner, Lexol the leather,
polish the chrome, &c.  And get the paint polished up right.  I've had
very good success with the Meguiar's tan-bottle products which you can get
at any Trak or cheaper from Imparts.

And, if your car has a flaw, fix it.  I have been gradually working out of
the "must remember to fix that" mode.  Having a car with only minor flaws
is really a different experience.

All this has been expensive, but I now have a very spiffy Coupe and
the total cost was less than a rattling economobile like a '92 Civic.
And it's a joy to drive.

Good luck with your Coupe.  '87 is the one to have.