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Re: Stongard on paint (min. Audi content)

>> However, they now have it available in clear.  I got this big can
>> of the stuff for $20.  I put it on my Subaru and left it there for
>> about 2 years before I sold it.  I would doubt there is ANY way
>> to get it off.  Total coverage for it was about 3" along the front
>> of the hood.

>I am getting confuse. Is this a spray on stuff or is this a film that 
>get glue on to the hood? What happen when you wax it?

Think he's talking about spray-on kind -- I've got one, too. I wasn't too
impressed with it -- it's not something you want to apply to "high
visibility" areas. By controlling how you spray it, you can make the
somewhat different looking textures.

For one, this is not sort of thing that you want to apply to headlights.
And it's something that you'd think twice before applying to anything
higher than the air dam.

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