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not again..the friggin 84 4ksq

I knew that I shouldn't have spent a few hours on Fri fixing
the 84.  I knew it.  I did it anyway.  I fixed the bad clock
(the wire carrying power to the dash did not have power. Rather
than removing the fuse panel I just tapped constant power
elsewhere, voila.  Stott, your spare clock will be returned 
with my thanks).  I also replaced the bulbs in 3 switches.
Word to the wise - don't, if you can find new switches.  Yes,
it's cheap, but you try spending an hour unsoldering and soldering
a tiny bulb, then trying to find all the $%^@# tiny balls
that fell on your messy bench.  Anyway...

Yesterday, I load up the ski rack, trunk, got the STUDDED (major
overkill) Hakkas on, and about 200 feet from home the car starts
stumbling, which it has only done once before.  It cleared up,
we continued, did it again worse, so we stopped.  I popped the
hood and the car would idle but would choke if I gave it
gas.  I heard a metal clanking at times from atop the air box,
and eventually found a melted vac. line.  I went home to get a
spare line, and when I returned, the car was running better,
even before the line.  Replaced it, seemed OK, then I drove
a bit more noticing that the car had little power.  Time to
go home and get the 85, sans rack.

I suspect the catalytic converter, as it showed trace signs
of damage when I was out at Chris' in NH.  The loss of power
seems to me to be very similar to when my GLI had a plugged
cat, ironically also on a ski trip, albeit during my return
at 2am, in 4 degree weather, where I had to stop and go under the
car and whack the cat with a lug wrench every 2 miles.

Anyway... off to drop the cat.  If anyone has any other suggestions,
email them on, I'll check in later.

| Dan |
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