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Re: A4 stock wheel offset and spacing

Reiner Fink writes:
> The A4 owners manual is either missing or has hidden this information
> well. From what I remember it has 100mm spacing but I have no idea what
> the factory offset is. I am refering to the 5-spoke 16x7 wheels that
> come on the 2.8L and 1.8L w/ sports package. Can anyone confirm these
> guesses? Thanks,

I went and took a measurement of my A4 quattro, and the wheel bolt
circle appears to be 5x108mm.  I used a ruler and it's a bit of
exercise in eyeballing when trying to determine the bolt circle
of a 5-bolt wheel, which has a slightly dished-in center.

Any way, the factory wheel is a 7Jx16 ET45.  Thus, 45mm offset.

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