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water in gas or bad cat?

I never got around to dropping the cat, because I am
taking the car into my mechanic on Tues anyway
(cleaned the garage instead!)  I drove the car today
and sure enough it acted up again.  I think it's either
the cat, that something is lodged in there blocking the
air flow, and it breaks loose sometimes, except that
a) exhaust at tailpipe seems normal b) no rattling
c) no sulfur smell.  It could also be water in the gas,
though I used Mobil as always, different station this
time though.  I put in a container of dry gas, one
of Techron (overkill I'm sure) and filled up at my regular
station, so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

To recap, the symptoms are:

- sudden loss of power, throttle makes rpms go DOWN slightly
and cannot get past 1000rpm
- then it clears and will rev at full throttle to about 4k rpm
- will get enough to move car decently, then suddenly
- VROOM!!!
until the next choke.

Oh, going from a level surface to a hill seems to change the
running - both chokes were entering a driveway.  Lends credence
to the bad cat theory, dunno about the water in the gas - where
does water sit, at the bottom or the top of the tank?

I had the car idling for about an hour after I put in the
dry gas, but before the techron and fillup.  It ran fine, full

The 85 4ksq suddenly has no center diff lock light.  Hmm.
I think EVERYONE needs to get an AOL account and prepay about
5 years, so the stock price will go up the wazoo and I can
buy that A4tq I've been lusting about... :)

Thanks for any feedback on the above problems.  I've never had
problems with water in my tank, but I've seen enough containers
of dry gas over the years to convince me it does happen.

| Dan |
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