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Perf. mods 10v n/a engine?

I'm currently stuck with the '90 100Q for the foreseeable future. Non

I've got a K&N filter in it, schich makes it a little unstable when it's
cold. I also have a free-flowing muffler/exhaust. ( It was a bit rusty, and
we were up in the mountains off roading to find a good spot to camp, i hit a
rock or hit a gully too hard, and it ripped off, from about the rear
pasenger area to the rear. Ha.! Still have it sitting in my garage, but with
the K&N filter it seems to be ok. )

So anyways... A few more pounds of torque and a bit more HP would be
awesome. Unfortunatly, I have no idea how to go about getting it this way.
There is a NOS system for the n/a 10v engines, however, I think thats sort
of a cheap way out. Plus you have to get the bottles refilled if you use
them often. 

I'd like a supercharger. I have no idea if I could retrofit one on there, if
so, it would kick ass. Torque city! 

Displacement increase.. Expensive.

How much is porting for intake / exhaust for this sort of application..? any