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A4 1.8T Modifications, Porshce Shifter Knowb & Great Cupholder Idea

	I was reading the new issue of VW Audi Car (English Mag) and noticed an A4
1.8TQ built by Scott's Mototune. The car was good for more than 200bhp,
silver with red rings ala BTCC. The ground effects were pretty clean
looking, but what interested me was the aluminum dash kit. They had
aluminum where the A42.8 has wood and the 1.8T has grey plastic. Any idea
who makes this? The article did not say, and I'm not gonna call England and
ask em. Still the look was very cool.
	At the LA auto show I noticed the new Boxster also has an optional partial
brushed aluminum shifter knob. The 5spd boxster has the same shift map as
the Audi 5spd. While expensive (the one for the 911 is $600) the look is
amazing. It'd look great with the aforementioned dash kit, and if I could
afford an A4Q, I could probably afford the knob.
	Cup Holder Idea: I had to mention this one. It's a sleeper of a trick, but
well worth $38. I have installeda cupholder from a '95-'97 VW Passat in my
Jetta and Corrado. While I know someone will complain about the VW subject
matter, I eyeballed my sister's 90CS and it looks like it's fit. It'd
probably fit an A4 as well as most other Audis. If your center console fits
flush against the side of a center hump in the carpet, and not the flat
floor, this cupholer will fit on the side of your center console. If you
want to see how it attaches look in a current generation Passat. They only
come in black, so interior matching is not a huge issue. They fold up and
have a little white cup symbol on them. They'll hold just about anything
unlike the A4 cupholder.
	That's all for now.
	George Achorn

	'94 Jetta GLX
	'93 Corrado SLC
	'93 90 CS (Sister's)
If I could afford it, One of em would be an A4 1.8TQ