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Re: q & a

In a message dated 97-01-12 19:10:34 EST, you write:

<< Tain't what BMW think.  Or Alfa Romeo.  Or ovloV.  Or Vauxhall.
 Audi was made to carry a 35kg weight penalty because AWD gave them an 
 _obvious_ advantage in the last season of the BTCC.  They're carrying it
 this year.  For next year, AWD has been _BANNED_.  Joachim Winkelhoch (BMW's

 ex-champion) was asked what he thought the AWD advantage was worth: "On a
 lap race? One lap."
 Audi entered seven series in 1996.  Guess how many they won?
 The professionals seem to disagree with you. 
Again, let me remind you, as I have before, phil, that the A4q in racing trim
is nothing like the road version....  You are reinforcing my whole argument
that, and let me quote THE post:

>>>>Given a stock vehicle, I would take a 50/50 weight balanced, LSD, rwd car
with good brakes (M3, Rx7, 951 to name a few) over the weight shifting front
biased audi q in stock trim anyday....  Control is the key here, and weight
distribution and chassis/brake characteristics to me, take precedence over
the quattro hands down in the dry....  Until you add the HP into the equation
(and THE reason I got into the audis, it certainly wasn't the cheap parts and
uncompromised reliability), then I agree totally with your assessment
above....  But stock, does the q system give an unfair advantage above the
competition, given the total package?  Me argues not.

Phil: Stock, stock, stock trim.......  It's there.... 3 TIMES
So I have covered your proposal in my post phil, and I doubt professionals
would disagree with the above at all.....  Racing is HP, by definition it is
the highest HP allowed under the rules, and the A4 runs that to the max as
much as the M3....  There, the unfair advantage is to the q....  No doubt...
 And with the tweeks I've done over the years the same applies with my toys,
absolutely NO argument....   However, we all know that the AWD system that
resides in those cars does not contain a torsen either, further in my
post....  Or the tires, or the alignment, or the countless other tweeks,
apples to apples is bone stock road trim....   Not such an easy argument to
make.....  I understand your argument, and if you read my post, I have made
it for you, phil.....