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Re: dry performance q's

In a message dated 97-01-12 22:45:57 EST, you write:

<< i wouldn't call btcc (fia class 2) cars high hp.  295hp high? nope.  class
1 (rip)
 with 450+hp is getting up there.  there was talk of banning awd there as
I call 295 hp in any q plenty, and nothing to sneez at....  Here in the
states the A4q comes 170hp, that, according to my calculator is a 73% hp
increase dave, or specifically, 125hp from a audi motor.  I don't care if
it's turbo or N/A, that's high hp, by most definitions, certainly mine, and I
tweek them as a sideline...  450? hardly an argument, but I assure you, I
already made phil's and yours for you in my post........  The ban, and the
argument has more to do with the way that power is going to the ground, and
it ain't via the stock cars torsen.....  

I knew the post would come back to racing...  IF you ck the archives, I
predicted six months ago that the awd protest would happen, with only my
racing brain as my guide, no inside info, ck it out.....  No one at the time
had much interest....  I applaud bmw for having the forsight to do it,
frankly, cuz it ain't even close.....  Reread my post before you wave the
flag, I made the argument CRYSTAL clear...  Professionals wouldn't disagree,
german, british, or americaners.....