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Re: dry performance q's -Reply

In a message dated 97-01-12 23:46:45 EST, you write:

<< > hp street).....  Where I might disagree is with your assessment of rwd
 > in dry performance...  Given a stock vehicle, I would take a
 >50/50weight balanced, LSD, rwd car with good brakes (M3, Rx7, 951 to
 > name a few) over the weight shifting front biased audi q in stock 
 > trim anyday.... 
 Not sure which quattro you are talking about? My '81 urQ out performs all
 other cars I have driven in the dry. In fact I haven't even had a chance to
 try mine in the wet. Sure a new M3 would prob blow it away, but then
 mine is 15 years old and 1/6th of the price. Isn't an M3 in a slightly
 different category anyway to most quattro's.
 Talking new cars in OZ, you put an A4Q V6 up against a 323i in the price
 market. I haven't driven the A4 but I have spent a week driving the BMW
 around the street and a race track. I'll take my urQ over the BMW for
 performance/handling thanks.

>>>>  Ok, but one the most tweeked of Urq's here in the states didn't catch
the M3 at the track here, rain or dry.....  M3 is not a 323 or a 328.....
 Remember the read....
 200BHP in a rear drive = power oversteer. I can accelerate faster and
 earlier in the corner with my urQ. Thats an unfair advantage.
>>>> Hmmmmm....  I would argue that you need to put that theory to test...
 1) q's, all of them, are LATE brake, turn hard (aim before apex) accelerate
 out, by defintion an UNDERSTEER advantage, totally contradicting your
"early" turn in argument.....  That statement is just plain incorrect when
performance driving a q, btdt, and it's documented, read the q racer books,
Buffums would help you, given the year of your car (non torsen)...  and you
can brake later with those awesome, and they are, brakes in the M3....  Power
oversteer is WHAT YOU WANT, btw, every q tweeker here is trying to get what
he doen't have, power oversteer, lift throttle oversteer, and neutral
throttle understeer,  and that is next to impossible (archives, ck the
archives) on a torsen car.....  The unfair advantage needs some thought, cuz
the above ain't it.....  I'm at the track with them all year long......
 comon over, I'll show ya....  :)

Q-club USA instructor (hardly a brag, just experience)
87 5ktqRS2 X2 
84 Urq
 Fletch >>