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Bad brake feel

	The brakes on my 87 coupe quattro have very bad pedal feel but the 
brakes work fine once they start to brake(or did..) I've just been 
ignoring the bad brake feel but about 150 miles ago the rear brake 
circuit total went and the brake pedal felt really horrid. (going 
almost to the bulkhead / firewall)  Anyway I have since bled the 
brakes (for some reason my brakes have 6 bleed nipples where as 
everybody has said to me that they should only have 5 ) and the brakes 
still feel OK - i.e. bad brake feel but brakes working fine. Has 
anybody got any suggestions as to what may be causing the bad bake 
feel or does anyone know if all the standard brakes on an 87 coupe q 
have a bad feel anyway ? The brake system does not have a bomb , the 
clutch is total separate from it and there is no problem with 
assistance. Also one rear calliper has been replace and all the rear 
pipe work. Any comments would be helpful ! My guess is that air is 
getting into the rear circuit - is the brake balance adjuster a likely 
source of trouble ?

87 coupe q