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Re: A4 1.8T Modifications, Porshce Shifter Known & Great Cupholder Idea

>	Cup Holder Idea: I had to mention this one. It's a sleeper of a trick, but
>well worth $38. I have installeda cupholder from a '95-'97 VW Passat in my
>Jetta and Corrado. While I know someone will complain about the VW subject
>matter, I eyeballed my sister's 90CS and it looks like it's fit. It'd
>probably fit an A4 as well as most other Audis. If your center console fits
>flush against the side of a center hump in the carpet, and not the flat
>floor, this cupholer will fit on the side of your center console. If you
>want to see how it attaches look in a current generation Passat. They only
>come in black, so interior matching is not a huge issue. They fold up and
>have a little white cup symbol on them. They'll hold just about anything
>unlike the A4 cupholder.
>	That's all for now.
>	Later,
>	George Achorn
>	coolidge@nicom.com
>	'94 Jetta GLX
>	'93 Corrado SLC
>	'93 90 CS (Sister's)
>If I could afford it, One of em would be an A4 1.8TQ
	I just picked up an A4q last week. Before I traded my GTIVR6 I removed the
Passat cupholder I had installed. It fits perfectly in the A4. The color
and texture does not match exactly, but it can be placed to be out of site
from the drivers seat. This is a tremendous improvement from the stock
cupholder. I am quite sure that these will fit in any car with about an 8"
level piece of center console edge.