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Re: Daytime Running Lights(Cdn)

> Just wait till they save your life six times from bad drivers trying
> to pass on highways with rolling hills. I spent four years at 140k/kms
> on the road with no running lights and seven years at 160k/kms with
> running lights. Our head-on avoidance moves were almost eliminated.
> annoying - good !! That's the whole idea,eh ?
> wastes energy - at U.S gas prices, a moot point.
> and does not make your car considerably safer! - Yeh , right....
... I always turn on my high beams any time I pass.  IMHO anyone who thinks 
that it is good to have their car illuminated during the daytime can turn 
on the same switch that turns them on at night!  My feeling is that the 
forced addition of a circuit to run the headlights at reduced power when 
the light switch is off is just one more thing to go wrong.  Perhaps it 
will teach the silly American manufacturers how to design a circuit that 
shuts off the headlights when the car is turned off!  

My solution is to put brake light bulbs in the parking light sockets on 
the front of the 5000CSQW.  I turn them on in the daytime in reduced visi-
bility situations (rain or fog) when the headlights are not needed.  I've
wondered if the law prohibiting driving with parking lights has been 
repealed now that we have DRLs ...

Steve Buchholz

Yes I put my seat belt on by myself whenever I get in the car, 
	so I don't need automatic seatbelts and mandatory seatbelt laws ...
Yes I wear my helmet when I ride my motorcycle, 
	so I don't need mandatory helmet laws ...
Yes I turn on my headlights by myself 
	so I don't need DRLs ...