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Re: ur-q Handling

>      I have (unintentionally) had two spins in an ur-q both times were 
>      during lift throttle conditions, no braking, just lifting up on the 
>      throttle. Both times the conditions were slippy, snow and ice the 
>      first time, standing water the second.

This is exactly what happened to me except that I was on dry pavement ... it
let go with an immediacy that caught me off guard -- it was like I instantly
had a flat tire -- and the first time it happened, I tried to save it with a
big dose of throttle.  Alas, it didn't work -- not enough power -- and I got
into the "pendulum mode" you referred to ... at that point, I decided to let
it go around since it was pretty wide open and there was nothing to hit.  It
happened a second time at a different corner and I *almost* caught it except
that I hit the rev limiter (top of 2nd) and the car went on around after the
power was suddenly cut ... interestingly, it seemed like I traveled sideways
for a lonnggg time before it finally did a slow loop whereas the first time,
it snapped sideways on me in an instant. 

> I've tried analysing what happened on both occasions and believe the only
> way I would have recovered was to get back on the power. Applying
> opposite lock only made the car more unstable and created a pendulum
> motion from which there was no return. Is getting back on the
> throttle the right thing to do? 

I don't have much experience with driving AWD cars at the limit yet but I've
discovered that when you get the throttle/steering combo correct, they scoot
out of the corner as though they were fired from a slingshot ... amazing!  I
think that since lifting off caused the problem, getting back on the gas has
to be the correct response ... like I said, it almost worked for me and will
probably work fine once the car has more power.  I had my G-Analyst on and I
downloaded the traces to my notebook but haven't had a chance to review them
yet ... should be interesting, eh?  

Again, just to save the flames, all of this driving was done in an area that
is closed to the public ... I drive very sanely on the street!

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