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BOSE help needed...

In message <01IE5QUHRT4Y8WWJ4X@cpg.mcw.edu> Roland Broberg writes:

> >    2.  How do I actually get the radio out? (Dealer wouldn't tell me)
> I made a set of removal tools with heavy coat hangar wire.  Others use nails. 
> Simply push in nails about 3/4 inch in the 4 holes around box and pull it out 
> by the cassette hole.

The official tools have little barbs at the ends - you could cut a slot in the 
end of the coathanger wire to simulate this, if you were really bothered.

The tools are freely available in the UK, hanging in car parts shops in blister 
packs.  I also saw a neat set of 6mm screwdriver bits last week, made by 
Kawasaki and designed to undo every kind of "tamper-proof" fastener known to 
engineering.  Torx screws with centre posts, three-pronged crosshead screws, 
spiral-bladed crossheads, etc.

Wonderful little kit.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club