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re: Pearl paint

I would call the pearlescent a "finsish" more than a paint. It is 
clearcoated, thick and durable. And since it is light colored, it doesn't 
age as fast as darker colors. In general, it looks very good. The "problem" 
is it always looks very good whether it's dirty or clean. And after you wax 
it, it just doesn't have that buttery feel.

The tornado red is a pain to maintain, but man, when it looks good (clean, 
waxed) IT LOOKS OUTSTANDING! A good wash, Meguires fine cut cleaner, then 
"hi tech yellow wax" , about 6 hours later, and the thing radiates. Of 
course, I waxed it almost every two months and cleaned it every two weeks.

Since I owning and selling the RED coupe, I have gotten a better job, work 
more hours, and have a wife. Do I miss the high maintenance red? Have to say 
the gorgeous red is now outweighed by the sweet black leather interior that 
looks awesome after about 20 minutes with Eagle leather cleaner.

I'll stop rambling, but an A4 in pearl would be beautiful, classic and low 
maintenance. They also have some new neon colors you might want to consider.

Look here to see pics of the red coupe and the pearl wagon