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RE: [none]

Sounds like a plan to me!  I'll pitch in some $$.

-Mark Nelson

>From: 	Bob D'Amato[SMTP:mx@snet.com]
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>On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Mark Nelson wrote:
>> The reason Audi does not import these hot rods (S6, S6+, S8, etc), is
>> because of the giant beuraucracy involved in importing a car to the U.S.
>>  For some idiotic reason, any car that has different transmissions
>> (manual or automatic), different engines (and this includes different
>> power ranges NOT just displacement) has to go through a crash test.  So
>> for example if Audi decided that they wanted to import the S8 with an
>> automatic, manual, and tiptronic, they would have to crash test each of
>> those three "different" cars.  Quite an expensive proposition,
>So why dont we all pool our money together and buy 3 late model UrQ's or 
>S2's from europe and give them to the gubment..they can crash test them, 
>pass them and now we can buy them from europe!!!
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