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Re: Me and my "new" 86 Coupe GT

Luis--thanks for responding.  Yours is the third reposnse, and their
sameness leads me to believe a thermostat and Techron are immediately in

However, a strange development--last night and this mornging, the temp
gauge spiked to normal several times, but only when I was pulling some
g's in right turns.  Left, nothing, and straight--cold as ice.  Oil temp

I don't want to find out from a blown gasket ot warped head that I'm air
bound and ready to pop.  Any insight?


On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Luis A. Marques wrote:

> > This car has not yet operated more than one or two clicks above 'cold' 
> > H20 temp, and barely makes it to 1/4 up the oil temp guage (105deg).  
> > What gives?  Bad thermostat?....
> >
> > Mileage is AWFUL so far.  Trip computer  (toy) says anywher from 
> > 10.5-14 mpg.  ???  It's the small 5cyl, and I havent been doing 
> > quarter miles or anything.  ?
> Have you actually computed you mileage with the odometer/fuel used?  If
> the car is cold enough, the computer will enrich the mixture for better
> driveablity.  Once you replace the faulty thermostat, this should go up
> to the 24-28 mpg range.  Also, check the spark plugs, wires, distributor
> cap & rotor.
> > When powering down, the motor makes one last shudder--it seems like 
> > that last rotation is all out o' whack--is this a trait of the 5cyl. 
> > motor?
> See above.  You may also have some carbon deoposits on the intake
> valves/combustion chamber.  Perhaps some Techron can help here as well.
> Luis Marques
> '87 4kcsq