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re: Daytime Running Lights

>>Ah! Why settle for 5% increase in margin of safety, when you can settle
>>for 200% (or more!) by petitioning change on what and how people need to
>>do/pass to get their driver's license?

>Taking half the people off the road is a cute idea.  What are you going to
>do about the destruction of our (consumer/cummuterbased) economy?

Oof! Forgot about that one -- damn the lives going to be saved! Hail
bureaucracy! No wonder my local BEO allots more people to get speeders
than to fight crimes... (:

>Visibility, visibility, visibility.  Requiring it?  What about seat belts? 
>Before they were mandatory the market did not offer the choice to allow the
>"free market" to creat the demand.  What about disc brakes?  The market took
>care of that one.  It takes a two pronged attack to deal with something as
>complex as private automobiles on publicly owned roads.  Not much of it
>lends itself to being dealt with by strict constitutional politics or
>idealism.  Get *all* the cars off the road to save the planet!

Or do what you said -- demand it. For one, I think there should be a
public transportations that allows most people to get to almost any place
in the city.

For that, I admire the Tokyo subway. Son of a gun -- you can go almost
any place with that thing! (Alright, the only place I went with it was
Akihabara...) In the winter, it's toasty warm inside; in the summer,
air-cond'ed. And goodness -- you have to WALK to the nearest station!

Think of it -- killing two birds (transportation and exercise-deficient
Americans) with one stone! It's so beautiful... [*weep* *snif* *snif*]

>Like it or not the roads, like democracy will always include those one does
>not consider fit to participate.  Want freedom?  Drive in the middle of the
>night (like me - they're *my* roads!)

We have the perfect weapon against democracy -- it's called the republic
(representitive) in which individual voices will not be heard. They will
be assimilated and participate...

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