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Re: Audi Product Idea: A5 Minvan

At 05:31 PM 1/13/97 EDT, you wrote:
>>> 	The A5 would be the only seriously upmarket minivan out there. NO
>>> ONE else in the luxury segment builds one. Audi is definitely upmarket
>>> from the ...
Regarding VW/Audi involvement in minivans/recreational vehicles:

Here is a quote from Travel Trailer, Feb. 1997, pg 31:

"A higher-powered version of the Volkswagen-based Rialta Class C motorhome
has been unvailed for the 1997 model year by Winnebago Industries Inc.
Replacing the Rialta's 5-CYLINDER (Audi?, my insert)engine is a 2.8 liter, 6
cyl, 140 hp VW powerplant generating 28% increase in hp. This 22footer, a
foot longer than its predecessor, has driver and passenger air bags and room
for 4 in the interior that's about 10% larger than before. Retail prices
start at about $45,000. Winnebago Industries, PO Box 152, Forest City, Iowa

The postings recently wondered about the name of the VW based vehicle...this
is probably it.

The reference to the 5 cyl. engine sounds enough like Audi to merit mention.

My only interest in this is owning an Audi with a 5, and a 1976 VW Westphalia.