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Re: Crash test

True enough, but suppose the true market size of S8's in the US were more 
like 2500 units, or even 1,000.  What then?  With an A8 4.2 listing out 
at about $65k, what does an S8 cost?  $70k, $75k, or more.  That is some 
really rare air and a very small market niche to play in.

Personally, I'll settle for an A4 based S4 and an A4 based UrQ coupe.  
Given the apparent demand for the A4 those models have a real chance of 
making Audi some $$$ and all of us happy.

Bill Murin

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Mann Law wrote:

> 	It would be interesting to know how many 959's were crash tested 
> at the P plant before put on market.  Likewise, be interesting to see how 
> many S2's, etc., were run into a wall at the plant.  Bet the number would 
> be surprisingly high.
> 	Bottom line is:  It is a business decision.  Just like paying 
> for  a BTCC team.  Obviously, if Audi were able to sell 150,000 S8's in 
> the US, it would make them pass any test necessary.  
> 	Bruce