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Driving event @ Thunderhill 25 January 1997

I found out about the following over the weekend ... although it is not an 
Audi/quattro only event, nor is it sanctioned by QCUSA, there are already a 
handful of Audi/quattro owners that will be attending.  Here is a copy of 
the press release ...


Play Day at Thunderhill Raceway Set for January 25

Willows, CA - Jan 1 ... Anyone with a California driver's license will have 
a chance to drive the 1.9 mile, nine-turn Thunderhill Park road racing course 
on Saturday, January 25.  The all-day, high-speed experience starts with an 
orientation session at 8:30 a.m. followed by on-track driving from 9:30 a.m. 
to 4:00 p.m.  Drivers use their own cars and must wear a crash helmet while 
on the course.  

Speeds over ninety miles per hour are easily attained on the 6/10th of a mile 
straightaway leading into the high-speed turn one.  Eight turns follow over 
the next mile and one-half, one of which, the cyclone, climbs up 100 feet and 
then drops sharply to the left.

The program is put on by the track and features nationally licensed race car 
drivers as coaches and instructors.  The cost for the Walter Mitty racing 
experience is $150 per person.  Registration and forms can be obtained by 
calling the Thunderhill Park office at (916) 934-5588.

Despite the white-knuckle excitement of the adventure, safety is the top 
priority.  Participants will learn and experience lifesaving driving skills 
involving car control, braking, turning and recovery.

"This is just about the best and most exhillarating course a person can take 
and still learn something that makes it a genuine school." observed track 
CEO David Vodden.  "I would recommend it to everyone, young and old, who ever 
wondered what it would be like to experience the thrills of road racing."  
Vodden said.  

Thunderhill Park is located in Willows, California, just seven miles west of 
Interstate 5 on Highway 162, one hour north of Sacramento.


... No, I don't know if the course is under water ... ;-)

If anyone is interested I have copies of the entry forms as well and can fax
them upon request.  Another contact is Andrew Bennett at (916) 758-7325.  
Other than having the forms to fax I know very little in addition to what is 
in this message ... although I would be interested in knowing if any of you 
do sign up to go.  I believe that the enrollment is limited to 40.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)