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RE:all wheel drive in the dry

In a note dated 1/11/97, Pat Martin explaines his take on awd in the dry.
Rather than snipping an commenting on his note line by line...let me just
say, everything Pat said is oh so true!!! I hear the same sorts of comments
and just want to gag! I have owned more than 30 assorted cars (and trucks) in
the past 20 years and will never ever be "q-less" again. Matter of fact,
perhaps it is time to coin a new phrase..."q-less is clueless" ;-). Yeah,
there are other awd's...but only that close cousin that builds sports cars
with engines in the back does it right like a quattro.

Bottom line is, when things get ugly either by somone else's or (do we admit
this???) our own stupidity, a q will help bail you out better than anything.
Oh...and it was soooo fun in the rain yesterday when a late model rustang 5.0
tried to blow my lil' 115hp q off the line-heard his wheels spinnin' and saw
him going sideways out my sideview mirror-a moral victory without even

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq