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Re: Dunlop customer service! 4KQ wander fix.

Sometime a shifted or broken belt will not show up as a problem or a 
balancer. The problem seemed to have to shifte from the left side to the 
right side after swapping the tires from one side to another. 

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.

On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Meron wrote:

> Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 18:08:52 -0800
> From: Meron <phwomp@cosmoslink.net>
> To: "Anthony K.B. Chan" <chan@seattleu.edu>
> Cc: Quattro List <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Re: Dunlop customer service! 4KQ wander fix.
> >dealer think it is a tire problem, I took the car back to the tire 
> >stores and they insisted that there is nothing wrong.
> Why won't you have the dealer or the tire shop put the tires on a spin
> balancer (off the car), if the tires are OK on the balancer, than the
> problem is elsewhere, shouldn't be too difficult to isolate the problem.
> Avi Meron
> 86 5Kcstq