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Re: quattro-digest V4 #85

> inspection the next day revealed that the
>upper rad hose fitting to the radiator, a crummy plastic thingie, had
>broken. the broken end with the clamp retainer was still in the hose. so now
>i'm left with a one inch stub with no raised portion to retain the clamped
>hose. any body btdt? as a temporary fix i cut away the original clamped
>section of the rad hose,about 1/2", used a new wider clamp and connected two
>small steel wires under the clamp which i then wrapped around radiator parts
>to help prevent the hose from being blown off as pressure builds. so far it
>works , but am i stuck for a new rad because of a plastic nozzle? if the
>darn thing were metel i'd just fabricate a part.

Maybe you could repair it with a wrap of fiberglass cloth and resin?