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Re: Me and my "new" 86 Coupe GT

> This car has not yet operated more than one or two clicks above 'cold' H20 temp, and barely 
> makes it to 1/4 up the oil temp guage (105deg).  What gives?  Bad thermostat?  I read letter 
> from a guy who says he replaces a therm. in his 5k every year--I wouldn't mind the $25, but to 
> me that indicates more of a problem lurking beneath the surface.  Like I said, it runs smooth 
> and strong.  

Remember, the oil temp gauge is in Celius... 105 is 221F and that's
plenty hot.  I would suspect the thermostat on the water temp; mine is
almost always at 40% (damn unmarked gauge).

> Mileage is AWFUL so far.  Trip computer  (toy) says anywher from 10.5-14 mpg.  ???  It's the 
> small 5cyl, and I havent been doing quarter miles or anything.   ?

I think running too cold can cause that.  Have you checked to see if
the mileage is really as bad as it's reported?