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Re: '91 200Q : oil leak

Hairy green toads from Mars made Arun Rao say:

> 	I was working on my old '85 5KT yesterday, and I noticed --
> 	horror of horrors! -- that my precious 200Q (52K miles) was
> 	leaking oil. Lots of golden brown all over the underside
> 	of the oil-pan. I'm pretty sure it's very recent,
> 	and it's engine oil all right, but I haven't yet found
> 	the source. Anyone encountered anything similar, esp.
> 	with the 3B's?

Don't know about the 3B engine, but that oil leak on an NF engine
means a new oil pump is in the works. The pump is attached to the
front/passenger side corner of the oil pan, right next to the
pressure sender underneath.  It is prone to leaking as it gets old.

I finally bit the bullet and replaced mine after > 1 year of dripping
oil on my garage floor and smelling it dripping on my exhaust.

Parts: $500, labor: $250.


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