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Re: Gas milage on 97 A4Q 1.8T automatic

>Have a 97 A4Q with the 1.8T and automatic. After 3 tankfulls I'm 
>averaging only 19.2 mpg of primarily highway driving. Wondering what 
>other 1.8's are getting for mpg. Also what octane level are you using?

we're getting about 24mpUSg (according to the computer) in our a4qt. but
you might note how many miles you are getting per tank as, from memory,
that average is "over the last approx 20 miles". i believe we are
currently getting about 375 miles between fills (we consider the tank to
be "empty" at the point when the "mile till empty" reaches 30 miles).
that's about 400 miles per 15.6USg tank, or almost 26mpUSg. total
mileage on the car is approx 2500.

the average is very sensitive. if i "have some fun" in the car i can
drop it dramatically. the car get's a twice daily dose of 30 miles of
highway 101 followed by 4 miles of San Francisco city traffic and
finally some puttering around town.

we use premium fuel.