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Banged up 90

Great snow/ice storm here in Texas caused me to slide off the road and
into a ditch with my 90.  Not to seriously mashed up, front and rear
bumpers only really damged.  Front one was cracked up pretty bad, lost
both fog lights.  Rear one not cracked up but not in it's right place.
Since the insurance company will be paying for repair (I'm gonna
take it to the dealer) I'd like any other advice I should have done,
checked out, or fixed on my car.  I pretty much bottomed it out and the front
end at it's final resting place was in dirt,  the bumper for the
rear was pretty much holding part of the car up as the wheels weren't touching
ground.  I might as well get an alignment and any bent rims fixed while it
is there and someone else is paying for it.  I will need new front and
and maybe rear bumpers.  Any advice would be appreciated.  This is the
first time ever smacking up a car for me so this will be a new experience.