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Re: DRL Followup

No moral--I simply felt compelled to estimate how much gasoline DRLs would
use. I thought the 10% value given for drop in mileage with DRLs was too
high. I also didn't want our DRL discussions to be using an inaccurate value
for the drop in mileage.

I guess my estimate could be used both ways. Those in favor of DRLs could
say the drop is negligible. Those opposed to DRLs could say that even small
drops, across millions of automobiles, adds up to a lot of gasoline and $.
And certainly there are other costs to DRLs besides the additional gasoline

At 10:55 PM 1/13/97 -0800, Meron wrote:
>>Please let me know about any mistakes I've made.
>So far, VERY good, and at a first glance, about right!!!!
> >With gasoline supplying 115,000 BTUs per gallon
>The above was my favorite part of the post!
>Thank you!
>What is the moral of the post? turn your DRL on?
>Avid Merino
>86 5Kcstq without DRL but maybe should rig some up, anybody knows how?