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Re: Snapping dogs

Subj:	Re: Good 'ol snappy Ur-q's
Date:	97-01-14 17:39:34 EST
To:	thompers@together.net

In a message dated 97-01-14 15:58:31 EST, Thompers writes:

<< Scott,
 Last Aug. Ben Howell showed up at LRP for the event all the way from CO!
 I was pitted next to Keith & Kento A. and we ALL had mucho fun there. 
 Ben finally got a 'spin' out with Keith in his track monster Ur-q. My
 run group was in and Keith and Ben were out doin hot laps.
>>>>  That was his first track event with one of my modified K26's....  I sat
in the instructor seat with keith at Waterford (an old familiar testing
ground), and we spun 3 times ourselves.....  Yeeha....
 Not more than three laps out and Keith went into the 'esses' a little to
 hot. At that moment, I looked up and saw a perfect 360 goin down. Not
 off course or anything. Just like he sat and spun...
>>>>> When R1's let go laterally, they don't catch again for a coupla
 Ask Ben H how it felt. Looked alot like the 'ol snap to me.  The ONLY
 spin of the weekend, and very under control, well sort-of. Sure looked
 and sounded cool tho.
>>>>>  Not the only spin at Waterford, but was the only 3 spins.... We caught
up to Susan after the first one within the lap, caught her again the second
time within 2...  Then the third one he popped the shifter, so she went and
got the truck, and I dragged Keith back to the paddock....  She was laughing
the whole time....