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RE: Valve cover gasket

Some outfit up north (Mich. I think)  just recently just sent me a
flyer for parts sales and they had Audi rubber valve cover gaskets
($20).  After replacing my 84 4KQ valve gasket about three times over
the years with no success (still leaks) I think I am going to try
them even though the price is steep. If anyone wants the name E-mail
me directly. 

  One other thing I have found on other cars valve and/or pan gaskets
is to check for flatness across the mounting surfaces.  Do this by
laying a small strait edge across the bolt holes and see if there is
any daylight under the strait edge. If the bolts have been
overtightened the area around the bolt holes will be protruding.  I
have had some success hammering the affected areas back flat against
a hard flat surface.