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3 German Automotive Wallpaper Shots

	I just figured out how to enclose programs into email, and wanted to offer
3 wallpaper shots I have saved into my computer. They are shots I grabbed
off of the internet and slightly modified. If you are interested in any of
the three email me directly and I will forward them to you. They will work
with Microsoft Paintbrush for windows 95. The three are:
	1. GTI VR6-Actually a Golf VR6 Highline from VW Germany. I have extended
it's edges out some to make the picture cover most of the screen, and added
the "Drivers Wanted" Logo. It's a black GTI with Corrado Storm rims.
	2. Corrado SLC- It's a black C from a brochure photo off of the CCA
webpage. Again I have extended the edges, cleared the crease mark from the
original scan and added the "Drivers Wanted" logo.
	3. Audi A4 BTCC racer- I think it is from early this season. It has the
ronal style rims, and is the silver with red ring style from the BTCC
series. This picture has not been modified in any way. It's very cool
	Please keep in mind that I want no money for these, so please do not claim
I am infringing from copyrights, as I am not selling the pictures, but
giving them away.