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Coupe ?s


I am new to the quattro list so I just wanted to say hey and post a
couple of questions.  

First, I have a 1990 quattro coupe with around 75,000mi.  I bought it a
little over a year ago and I love it.  Last winter I had a blast up in
Ohio (which was where I was living at the time) and in upstate NY (where
I am originally from).  I think I really impressed my father-in-law (who
works for GM but I couldn't hold that against his daughter) when I took
him and his neighbor to the store after a big snow storm.  Actually, the
news people were saying that the police were going to ticket people if
they were out driving.  Like one of those rear drive Detroit monsters
could catch me in the snow.

But anyway, I have been gradually trying to do more maintainance on it
and I have a couple of things that need taking care of and  I was
wondering if anybody would have any inputs on them.  I have looked at
the archives and found some good info but if anybody has any recent
experiences with the coupes, I would love to hear about it.

1)  I need to change the front (and eventually the rear) wheel
2)  My driver side door lock no longer engages the power locking system
and just turns with little resistance.
3)  My paint is starting to fade a little bit and the sun down here in
south central TX is going to be brutal.  Any suggestions on
cleaners/polishes/waxes that may help.

Well, I think that is it for now.  Since I have posted more than one
question, it would probably best if people email me directly.  Thanks.

Bill Reigelsperger (billr@stic.net)    
San Antonio, TX                        
'90 qc