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In a message dated 97-01-13 21:29:51 EST, you write:

<< Doug Evans wrote:
 > In the cold of this morning while trying to put my high beams on I felt
 > a slight resistance and then a CLICK.  Now my lights are stuck on high
 > beam and won't come off of it.  Can anyone suggest what the problem is?
 > Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you, >>

This switch went bad on my dad's 875KCST, and he was really mad to find out
that they were $350 form dealer boy!  Well he bought it and fixed it, but I
did see one advertised in EC some time ago for around $150.....might have
been GPR or IPC, look through EC and call all the numbers and you will find a
cheaper one.  If you need those numbers, email me.

Now, as for a temporary fix, he used a piece of foam between the dash and the
stalk to hold it in the normal light position...you may have to swap the
brights/low beam wires for that to work, not sure.  If you need to know, I
can call up Dad and see if he remembers what he did.

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