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Audi Mini/SUV

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  OFFICE MEMO          Audi Mini/SUV                         
I've been following three recent threads and wanted to share my
thoughts.  My $.06 ($.02 ea.) on:

Audi minivan/suv: Interesting discussion.  As an owner of a 1993 90csq
Sport and a 1992 Mitsubishi Expo Sport AWD, I have experienced both
approaches.  The Expo is a mini-minivan or tall station wagon according
to your point-of-view.  It is the five-door version (rather than the
four-door Summit-Colt wagon), about the size and proportions of the
Honda Odyssey.  The car is slightly lighter than the 90 and has about
the same wheelbase.  My wife is the principal driver and really likes
it.  It has competitive performance and better handling than both
minivans and SUVs, as well as the advantage of AWD and Japanese
reliability.  It's quiet, comfortable, and hauls a lot of stuff.  I've
even used it to haul wood from our back forty.  Other than the long
wheelbase Chrysler and Toyota Previa minivans (both big bucks), there
is nothing comparable on the market, so we are somewhat concerned about
what to buy when it eventually needs replacement.  I have tried to
interest my wife in an A6qw, but she now likes the taller driving
position.  The real problem is that it's a niche vehicle.  Mitsubishi
never really sold enough to keep it in the US market, and, while I
would dearly love an Audi version (and would buy one), I don't think
such a vehicle would do that much better.  Only five percent of
Chryslers were AWD; the Toyotas average a bit higher.  Interestingly
enough, we have been approached by two dealers and three individuals
asking whether we would be interested in selling the car for nearly
what we paid!  According to Edmunds, it has retained nearly eighty
percent of its purchase price.

Cheap oil filters: FWIW, I used the Fram 2870A exclusively on my 1984
4K from the time it was a baby until I sold it last fall with >240K on
the clock.  Change interval was 3750 miles until 1991 when I began
putting 150 miles on the car each day.  I went to 4000 mile intervals
at 90K because it was easier to remember once we got into six digits. 
Prior to the sale, the new owner and I had a pressure test done.  All
cylinders were within spec.  In the nearly 13 years of operation, I
never experienced oil pressure problems, starting problems, nor once
had to add oil (I might also add that the engine was never overhauled
or rebuilt).  I totally agree that a good oil filter is cheap
insurance.  I think the Fram is just fine, but would never fault anyone
for using higher cost filters.  Who knows, maybe the Audi engines would
go many hundreds of thousands more miles if we did use those "better"
filters.  BTW, I asked my Audi service rep what his recommendations
were for change intervals should I switch to Amsoil and filter.  Like
any good soldier, he couldn't recommend anything above 7500.  YMMV

Brake replacement:  Last fall I replaced the front rotors and pads on
my 1993 90csq with the Brembo cross-drilled/KVR carbon fiber pads. 
These were ordered from Best-Price in Canada (800-636-0854) after
getting a $750 quote for OEM from the local dealer.  Price delivered
and installed was about $400.  I am pleased with the results -
excellent cold and hot braking, very little brake dust, and the guys at
the local tire store think they're way cool :-).  Thanks to the quattro
list members for their advice and suggestions.

Cheers to all q-listers.
Mike Thomas
1993 90csq Sport
1992 Expo Sport AWD
18 inches of snow last week in mid-Michigan and more on the way.