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Audi SUV/A5

My compliments to George Achorn on his well-reasoned, thoughtful reply to my
comments about anticipated safety problems on the hypothetical SUV/A5. He
raises a number of valid points, and presents them well. I understand he is
25 - I'm 50, and I'm impressed with his maturity.

This is what this list is all about! I hate to see flames like "Mr. 5.0,
you're an ***h*le!" and "Obviously, you don't know what you're talking
about" and such - gee whiz, if you want to fight with someone, go down to
the local bar - they'll happily oblige you. 

Civility pays - you never know when you might NEED something (information,
parts, phone number, advice) from the guy you just publicly called a total
moron or worse!

Mike Arman