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RE: which fluids to chage on Quattro drivetrain and when?

I have recently done just what you are contemplating, and oh, does my
Coupe seem happy!

Here's what I've done: Mobil 1 10w30 in the engine (it's *cold* up
here),  three quarts of RedLine MT90 in the transmission, includes the
center (TORSEN) differential, and one quart of RedLine 75w90 in the rear
diff. I called RedLine (800.624.7958) to find out *exactly* what
formulation to get. The RedLine I got locally for $8/qt, I've seen it
(at GPR, 800.321.5432, I think) for as little as $7.50/qt, plus
shipping. I paid about $23 for 6 qts of Mobil 1 at WalMart, and got the
factory filter, a new drain plug and a new drain plug crush washer from
Linda at Carlsen

Call it $4/qt for Mobil 1, equals about $20 for motor oil, and 4 qts @
$8 each for the trans/diff equals $32, plus the roughly $10 for
filter/plug/washer, ends up at $62 for parts. It should take between one
and two hours total to do this, at a typical rate of $30/hr equals $60
max for labor. This ends up at $122 total, your $150 sounds kind of

Beware, the trans has a 3 qt capacity (according to both Bentley and the
owners manual), but will only take about 2 qts right after it's been
drained. You need to move things around to wiggle out the air pockets so
it can take the last quart.


Ian Duff, 1990 Coupe quattro 20v, Red/Black
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>Well, now that the old Coupe Q has hit the big 80,000 mile mark, I think
>it;'s time to replace alll the QUattro drivetrain fluids to ensure the long
>life of the torsen and diffs.
>Which do I need to replace?  Rear diff, center diff, manual trans fluid, all?
>One good shop around the corner said they would do all the fluids for about
>$150, good price?
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