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Re: Fuel Injector O Rings

     I just had the fuel injector O rings replaced in November. I watched 
     as the Audi mechanic replaced them (incidentally he's a friend and 
     actually enjoys showing me how to work on the car - can't say the 
     service managers are as friendly).  He used an 18" (or so) pry bar 
     with two prongs to pull the injectors out. It looks like a long screw 
     driver with two prongs at the end, bent at about 70 degrees to the 
     shaft, the prongs fit around and grip the injectors. In the past I've 
     borrowed the injector puller tool "thingy" - which is a short piece of 
     metal that grips the injector and has slots for a screw driver to 
     lever out the injectors. This latter method works, but not as well as 
     the pry bar.
     Once the injectors are out inspect the O rings for cracks, distortion 
     and general aging. The old ones should pull off fairly easily, if they 
     are hard, just cut them off. A neat trick for installing the new 
     injectors is to obtain a piece of pipe just wider than the injector. 
     Lube the pipe, the O rings and injectors with WD40, then force the O 
     ring on to the end of the piece of pipe, then put the injector inside 
     the pipe and push the O ring off the piece of pipe on to the injector 
     seat. This makes it much easier than rolling/pushing the O ring up the 
     length of the injector.
     It would probably take me about 30 minutes to an hour to do, my 
     mechanic did it in literally 5 minutes - I was impressed, How does the 
     saying go "give me the tools...."
     .... and I'll break something really expensive!"
     Regards, Mike