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Audi / Player

	I understand that Audi is taking it one step at a time in the US 
with dealerships, but...fiche?  All I got to say on that.

	Not to beat a dead horse, but crash test costs are a red herring 
here.  The problem is only real when you are talking limited numbers of 
cars sold.  IF you have a good dealership program [I mean come on, 
Saturn?, but look at the customer ratings---always near the top], 
combined with justifiable pricing [on parts too], Audi would sell enough 
cars to justify a few more crash tests each year.  And, when I argue for 
performance, you don't have to compete in say the Corvette market.  Just 
get the hp up with BMW's 5 series, Mark VIII's, STS's etc.  Right now, 
each of those cars will flat leave any Audi imported short of maybe the A8.

	Say what it will, but I believe that the A4Qt is the first time, 
certainly in recent memory, that Audi has ever really priced a car for 
the US market spot it intends to compete in.  Just look at what most of 
the Audi's on this list sold for new--crazy [V8; 200tq; etc.].

	While BMW has its own seperate probs [imho], one thing is for 
sure:  It is selling a bunch of performance in some pretty nice cars.  
Again, Audi is left to catch up.