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Re: Fuel Injector O-rings

In a message dated 97-01-15 13:51:18 EST, you write:

<< After putting up with a rough idle, failing the 'dipstick' test, and
 in vain for vaccum leaks on my '86 4kcsq, I'm wondering if my problem may be
 that the leak is around the injectors themselves.
 Does anyone have a part number for the injector o-ring and any advise on
 removing and reinstalling them?
 Thanks in advance.
 Gre >>
The O-ring kit 035 198 031 gives you the large ones and the seat o-rings as
well, and the air shrouded FI smaller o-ring too....  The kit is about 5.00
the individual large ones at the outside of the injector only are about
2.00ea....  You need to pull the injector off to put the new rings on...  cut
the old ones off, put the new ones on (it's a tight fit), you are supposed to
lubricate with gasoline before install....   14mm/12mm wrenches to break,
install the injectors to the lines....  You can pop them with a large
flathead screwdriver, and install them with that as well....  Good luck