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RE: S* cost

please don't flame me, but i've been thinking about trading in the 96 A4q for the 97 BMW M3 4door...i want more power and this is the only way i see i can get it...any other ideas would be welcome as i would have to tear the stereo back out...

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Sent: 	Monday, January 13, 1997 3:20 PM
To: 	Graydon D. Stuckey
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Subject: 	Re: S* cost


See Psycho Bob's post re our guesses about the cost of an S8.  At 108k 
all I can say is OUCH.

As for the A4 based S4, since I live in the land of deep pockets and 
short arms, IMHO 45k is a bit much.  A 2.8 with a single turbo, the 17" 
wheels and other goodies you suggest might be the hot setup and Audi 
can probably do it for around $40k.  To each his own  but I would not 
want leather in such a car so there's a few bucks.  I might even be 
willing to accept the 1.8t 4cyl if necessary, but the 2.8 is sure preferable.

I know WMB has a much larger market share then does Audi, but if WMB can 
sell the MI would think Audi might have a market for the vehicle we are 
talking about.

This is one time I hope someone (AoA) is eavesdropping.

Bill Murin