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Re: ur-q brake upgrade.

Hi Steve

>I want to upgrade the brakes on my 85 ur-q.
>Have decided to go with 17x8 rims..

What size tyres? Your not gunna have much sidewall to protect those new
wheels from potholes
> So far Ive priced AP racing 330mm fronts with 4 pot calipers, and Audi
>Q Sport 295mm rears with 4 pots.

Megabucks I assume

>Im still new to Audis...do any of the other models have bigger
>discs/four pot calipers that will swap?

The sports version of the V8, later model S4's, s6 & s6+ & A8 use a 314mm
disc with ATE 4pots. Interesting caliper, uses 4 pads per side. The RS2
used a Porche caliper. None of these are a direct swap onto your car


John Firkins